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Easy Mental Map Of Guitar Neck

Nels Jenstad (46) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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This lesson is just a brief explaination of how to learn the notes on the guitar. Take a look at a piano keyboard. Notice how there is no black key between the notes E-F and also B-C. Look at the low or high "E" string on your guitar. The notes E-F and B-C will always be next door to each other with no fret in between! Start with another string- say... the "G" string for instance, going up the open string from G, skip a fret and it's A, skip one to B, then C is right next to it, now skip one more to D, skip to E, then F is right next to it, then skip one again and you should be at the Octave (double dots) on "G". Do the same for all the strings on your guitar- check if you've got it right by what note your on at the 12th fret (octave, must be the same note name as the open string you started on).
The "white notes