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Power Chord Basics II

WholeNote Staff (593) · [archive]
Style: Rock/Pop · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 140
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Mixing Different Right-Hand Rhythms
So far, we've played riffs consisting of 8th notes. By this, I mean that we've played a series of 8 evenly spaced chords or notes in each measure. What would happen if we started varying this?

In the example below, every once in a while, we play 2 notes in the span where we would normally play just 1. This creates 16th notes. Because of the speed of this type of picking, the 16th notes are best played as a downstroke followed by an upstroke. But you can still use all downstrokes for the 8th notes. Measures 1-4 show a gradual transition from playing just 8th notes to incorporating more and more 16th notes. The culmination of this is measures 5-8, which combines full chords with this rhythm to create a Randy Rhoads - Ozzy type riff...
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