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Carulli's Three Easy Sonatinas: Sonata 1

Jason Vickers (1415) · [archive]
Style: Classical · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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This nice Sonata by Carulli is not too difficult to play. It consists of two parts:

The first movement from this sonanta is played Moderato. Moderato is 66-126 beats per minute. If you have trouble plaing it up to speed, slow it down a bit to a lower bpm.

The second movement is played in Larghetto and is originally in 6/8 time. I've changed the timing to 3/4 and increased the speed to 90 to compensate. The second movement has been split into three sections.

After the second movement, there is a variation of the second movement, also broken into three sections. I saw this version on the internet somewhere and liked it. I changed the version I saw, though. I liked it much more when the notes were allowed to ring. I also enjoyed playing portions with triplets and even added a legato (hammer) in there. I didn't like the ending of it, so I designed my own.