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Charles Gacsi (42523) · [archive]
Style: Other · Level: Expert · Tempo: 120
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Go back and listen for the very last couple of measures of the rhythmic patterns. This a perception of how jumbled and disjointed, some of the music sounds of the "younger set's" music comes across to myself and others. This does not mean that anyone is wrong or right, but a view point. Accept it for what it is worth to you, the viewer

Were the last two measures music?? Is it similar sounds from the younger set's music. Is it music? Is it art?

This is also an illustration of how the unusual, and that which we receive, becomes an irritant if we keep hearing it over and over again, intruding on our personal block of space and sound or our peaceful times. Or something being abusive to that which we perceive as being pleasant to us.

When I was younger I did a stereo thing with the radio. I tuned 4 separate radios into the same station and the music was heard in every room. My parents were annoyed as they would shut off one radio after another.

Sound can be perceived as an intrusion into another persons space, crossing boundaries if we are a bit careless.

One way to avoid neighbors complaining about the music you are playing, is for the hosts to invite all the people in the block to the party.