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Beginners Lesson, By A Former Beginner

Matthew Shotton (164) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 80
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Keeping it simple...

Right so far you have hopefully mastered the two chords E and D and gained a brief knowledge of the occurance of rythm in songs. However you can't really produce much of a song from this so it is time to introduce two new chords.

The A Chord

This is another simple, easy chord which requires three fingers, which are probably the easiest to place


Simply use the first, second and third fingers to fret the note

The E Minor Chord

This is easy enough to play, as it has the same fingering as the normal E chord, but without the first finger

|0|2|2|0|0|0|E Minor

So simply use the second and third fingers as normal

Ok so you have three normal chords (explained in the next page) and a minor chord, the minor chord, if you play it, has a much more sad sound, this can be used to good effect during a song.

Practise these chords, as well as the E and D chord and you have the makings of a song!!
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