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How To Play Metal Solos

Matt Midgley (136) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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Howdy Folks, Matt here with the first in a sequence of lessons on how to solo heavy metal style! The main difference between metal music and its sister genres (rock, blues, and sometimes jazz) is its focus on excesses. Metal has to be THE loudest, THE fastest and THE heaviest. Of coarse it can also go the complete opposite, quietest, slowest and softest. Basically with metal you're either on or off, 1 or 0 etc...

Over the next few pages there are some examples of "classic" metal licks. These are typical of the genre and should be studied in differents contexts: I recomend bands such as Sabbath, Pantera, Metallica, Iron Maiden and MSG for inspiration of how to use these ideas. I have also concluded with a solo which uses the majority of the techniques/ideas I'm about to go through. So, without further adieu...