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Put Some Funk in Your Riffs

Christopher Sung (9641) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 210
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Now for exercise #2. One great way to make cool riffs is to use patterns that have a 3/4 feel. In this exercise, we use a pattern that is 3 beats in length and keep repeating and embellishing it. I like to think of the pattern as six 8th notes. The first two 8th notes constitute the part that we'll embellish. We then always follow this with a rhythmic chuck on the third 8th note, and the low E on the fourth and sixth 8th notes.

Again try embellishing that first beat of the pattern with different note choices and techniques. In this example, I've added hammers and pulls, and targeted F, G, A, Bb, D, and E.
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