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Single String Solo

Sean Williamson (114) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 70
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well this is my solo see how it only uses one string and goes up and down the fret board this should help increase your spead also it sound nice but played on guitar its sounds a 1000000 times better since this is the first time ive messed with the composer and i suck at it but ill get better. well any way practice this a few times its easy to master you dont have to play it at this speed.oh and if you have the time plz send some feed back it doesnt take but a sec so do it mabey we could chat or something. any way thx for checking my lesson out see ya oh and check out my next lesson. metal/blues solos and thanks for checking my lesson out. well rock on. IMPORTANT- on the part where it goes up a string play that as fret 20 on the other string it would sound like it should the composer was messing up and i was forced to make it go up a string any way have fun
Single String Solo