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Easy Blues Turnarounds

Jim Burger (4613) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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On the following pages are several simple blues turnarounds, gradually increasing in complexity. Note that all of them are illustrated using the final four bars of a 12 bar E blues progression, i.e. B7-A7-E7-B7. In general, the turnaround takes place in the last 1-2 bars of this four-bar piece. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the turnaround generally ends up on the V note of our I-IV-V blues progression, thus creating tension leading into the next 12-bar progression.

If you want to use these in keys other than E, you simply move the "root" fret up the neck as necessary (e.g. 3rd fret for G, 5th fret for A). If this is unclear and you want some turnarounds illustrated in other keys, please send me feedback and I will append them to the lesson.

Shown below is the most simple turnaround that sounds pretty good despite its simplicity. All it involves is one chuck across muted strings, followed by a simple walk up your 5th string from the open A to the 2nd fret, the V of your blues progression (B). This one also works real well when inserted into a shuffle.
Easy Blues Turnarounds