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Exercises For Flow And Dexterity

Chester Horton (10480) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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This lesson was hastily thrown together to demonstrate these exercise to a member . I will be proof reading and correcting any mistakes in the next 2 days so please check back later if anything is questionable

Better Flow and dexterity made easy

These exercise when done daily will help you to gain great improvemnet in dexterity, smooth chord changes, and lightness of touch. Concentrate on keeping all your fingers close to the fretboard as possible when doing these exercises. The should be relaxed and nearly lying on the string when not in use. Work consciously on using as little pressure as possible and still getting good tone from each note. You will be surprised at how little is required when your technique is right. Make sure of your thumb position. It should be about the middle of the neck and opposite the middle/index finger as nearly as possilbe. Your fingers should work like little pistons right up on their tips with as little movement as necessary to go from one note to the next. When possilbe leave the finger on a note that is to be returned to again. These should be done with a metronome set at what I will call half speed. That means that you play two notes per each beat of the metronome. Count the click of the metronome on beats 2 and 4 . This simulates the snare drum. Your count will sound like this 1 click 3 click etc. Ok now for the first exercise