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Simple Sweep Picking

Chris Pinto (24466) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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First things first! Get out your metronome, and set it on the slowest setting. Or, a setting you feel comfortable with. A setting that you can play each note clearly & without fret buzzing.

Today we're gonna look at a very simple arpeggio example. You can add to it, or simply leave it "as is". We are going to use a technique called "Sweep Picking", commonly used in metal, jazz, rock...etc Many players use this picking style. More commonly known are guys like Frank Gambale, Yngwie, Vinnie Moore, and all your hot "Neo-Classical Metal" axe slingers! If you think to yourself "I'll never play like that!" Well, you can! All it takes is plenty of practice, and before you know it, you'll be playing this little tiny arpeggio excersize with ease.

Here's the excersize:

Simple Arp. #1

As you'll see, this is very short & simple. And I wanted it to be that way. I want to show the most basic form of a sweep picking pattern and/or technique.

The Sweep Picking technique is played as follows:
  1. Ring Finger / 14th Fret / G-String / Downstroke
  2. Middle Finger / 13th Fret / B-String / Downstroke
  3. Index Finger / 12th Fret / E-String / Downstroke
  4. Pinky Finger / 15th Fret / E-String / Hammer
  5. Index Finger / 12th Fret / E-String / Let note ring
  6. Middle Finger / 13th Fret / B-String / Upstroke
  7. Ring Finger / 14th Fret / G-String / Upstroke

If you follow this picking pattern, on a very SLOW metronome setting, play it as clean as possible, you'll be playing this arpeggio pretty quickly in a matter of a few short weeks, or sooner!

Once you learn this little lead, play it in other positions, it doesn't have to start on the 14th fret! After you get better at this lead, bump up the metronome a few notches, to a faster speed.