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Metronome & Chromatic Scale Excersize

Chris Pinto (24466) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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PLaying a Chromatic Scale & Using a Metronome effectively

Here is a little lesson I thought would help many players, from student to advanced players alike.

In order to properly execute this (or any other) scale, you should play with a metronome, each time you practice scales. Take your metronome, set it to the slowest setting you feel comfortable with, in order to strike each note cleanly & without mistakes or fretbuzz.

Now start working on your chromatic scale...ONE NOTE PER BEAT! AND USING ALTERNATE PICKING! up/down/up/down..etc

Example #1

Chromatic 1

OK, remember: Use alternate picking (up, down, up, down) or (down, up, down, up), it's good to start a scale one time with an upstroke, and next time practice the same scale starting with with a downstroke. It's great to have the ability to start on either an upstroke, or downstroke, because you're not always going to have a choice. Depending on song, your style, and other variables....

Other tips: Use a metronome, start slowly....very slowly....,make sure each note is precise & clean, and feel free to start on ANY fret and any position!

Once you start getting the hang of the above Chromatic, move the BPM (Beats Per Minute) on the metronome up one-two notches (a little faster). And so on...

Here's another chromatic scale to practice.

Now, playing these scales exactly the way I have them here, would be great all by itself. But, why stop there? Skip strings! Go from the "E" string, right to the "D" string, and so on! Make up your own pattern of skipping strings. Do this with other scales too!

Practice these scales at a very slow speed first! Because it's actually harder to play clean, clear & precise, at slow speeds. Practice these scales up & down! Until you're absolutely SICK of them.....Then play them some more! :)

I know these excersizes will improve your fingering & alternate picking technique 100% in a matter of months.