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Irish Jig: The Kerfunken Jig

Rick Payman (10059) · [archive]
Style: Acoustic/Folk · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 80
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A simple Irish Jig in dropped-D tuning, played in a slow style inspired by fiddle player Martin Hayes.

I have arranged this for solo guitar in Dropped-D tuning, that is, standard tuning with the lower E (6th) string lowered a whole-tone to D.

The Tablature requires a little explanation, due to limitations of showing altered tunings in the Composer.
  • The Tablature is written for Dropped-D tuning, D-A-D-G-B-E, and is shown correctly for playing the tune in its' original Key of D Major.
  • I have tabbed out the tune in 12/8 to save space, so each Bar is really two Bars of 6/8.
  • The sound you will hear on playback is transposed up a whole-tone to the Key of E, so if you want to play along, you will need to use a Capo at the 2nd fret.
Irish Jig: The Kerfunken Jig