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Power Chords- More Than You Should Know

Jesse Fish (651) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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"Tunings To Make Your Life Easier"

Now, if you like modern rock at all, than you know about alternate tunings. An alternate tuning is any tuning that is not standard or standard tuned down. Such tunings are Drop-D or drop-D tuned down, DADGAD or DADGAD tuned down, and any open power chord tuning, such as DADADD or CGCGCC.

Drop-D Tuning

Drop-D tuning is the most common tuning for guitarists. It means that you simply tune your low "E" string down to "D", resulting in the tuning DADGBE. If you know your roots and fifths, you'll knowtice that the DAD part of this tuning is a power chord. This tuning allows you to be able to play power chords with the root on the "E" string with one finger. This allows for fat power chord progressions that would be nearly inpossible to voice using standard tuning. It also lets you play chords that are difficult, if not impossible, in standard tuning.
Drop-D P. Chord
.Try different shapes and come up with your own chords. This tuning lends itself to a lot of exploration, so try different things, and above all else, have fun.


This tuning is often used in folk music, and is a very fun tuning to play with. Maybe it is all of those droning "D"s that gives this tuning such a cool sound. If you haven't noticed already, DADGAD is drop-D tuning and a little more, it can play some of the same chords as drop-D, but makes use of two other droped strings,High A and D. You can create many kinds of chords in this tuning by combining power or sus2 shapes based on the low"D" string with open strings to create full voicings that sing. Again, experimentation is key, and you should try to make something up in DADGAD. This will open new possibilities that you could never access until now. Go ahead, try it!

Open Tunings

Open tunings, by guitarist definintion, are tunings in which if you strum all of the strings, they make a chord. Common open tunings are Open E(E-B-E-F#-B-E), open D(D-A-D-F-A-D), and many others.Now, most of the time, open tunings are either major or minor chords, but can be any kind of chord, even power chords. Mark Tremonti of Creed uses an open D5 tuning on some of Creed's songs. This tuning (DADADD) is unique in that, it can create many kinds of odd chords and drones that other open tunings can't. The "Grundge" band Soundgarden used a tuning similar to Tremonti's tuning (CGCGCC). Try making your own tunings, you'll be suprised at what you can come up with.