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Power Chords- More Than You Should Know

Jesse Fish (651) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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"More Odd Power Chords"

Now, with all of the power chords you have learned, there are all kinds of different power chords you can make that are, lets say, different from the previous examples. Knowing what the root and fifth of a chord is, you can make chords like these.
An E5 Chord
An E5 Chord
An E5 Chord

I would suggest trying to put together many chords like this to give your power chord progressions more depht.

Also, for those moments that need more than the standard power chord, you can try and mix power chords and open strings to make all kinds of wierd voicings.
A G6 Chord
A D(?) Chord
An Em Chord

From these examples, I'm sure that youget the idea that, power chords can be used for so much more than distortion riffage. Experiment with different power chords in different positions to get different sounds.
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