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Power Chords- More Than You Should Know

Jesse Fish (651) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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"Standard Power Chords"

These power chords are the most well known, in terms of the frequency of them in music. It is important to realize that there are two kinds of power chords, open and fretted.Figure A1 and A2 show the differences between open and fretted power chords.
Figure A1
Figure A2

Now, power chords that use these two shapes are named for the lowest sounding note(on open power chords, that means the open note, on fretted, the note fretted by your first finger.). This is important to know, so in case you are playing with another "note sounding" instument(bass, guitar, trombone, etc.) so you can play the same note/chord together.

One cool thing about power chords is that they can be moved around the fretboard, without having to learn a new shape. Try moving the fretted version around the fretboard. Cool,huh? Also, the shapes can be moved so the "root(lowest sounding note)" is on the "A" and "D" strings.As seen in figures A3 through A6

Now knowtice that the power chords on the "D" string look different than the ones from the "E" and "A" strings, that is mainly because of the guitar's tuning.You can avoid this by only playing the "2 note versions" of the power chords, as illistrated in figeres A7 through A12:

I suggest getting familiar with these shapes and play around with them. Come up with progressions with just power chords, or play some songs that use lots of power chords. This is an AC/DC riff from many of AC/DC's songs, including "Sin City" and "Dog Eat Dog." I you have an electric and an amp, put some distortion in to really make those chords "Crunch" On the next page, we will talk about some theory, and then learn some "Less well known Power Chords".

*Note:in the sequence, bend the note a little and make sure to play that bar quickly, since the Composer will not allow me to change an individual bar's tempo
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