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Legato, Sweep, Tap And Alternate Picking

Francois Lazouz (41) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 260
Pages: 1

Hi, this is a lick that I discovered a few days ago. I wanted to use Marty Friedman's scale known as 5th degree of minor harmonic. There is first a legato part which is pretty easy but it has to sound straight (gotta ear all notes equally!). Then, you have a short chromatic stuff that sounds very good played with alternate picking and really Loco as a contrast to the legato and swept parts. Then a sweep that goes up to the finger-tapped C (20th fret) before sweeping down back to the ending alternate picked sequence. Remember that whatever your level is, you always have to work first very slowly so as to control every finger position on the fretboard and don't let any default uncorrected. It's the only way to sound clean when shredding fast.

Enjoy !
Legato, Sweep, Tap And Alternate Picking