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Essential Metal Soloing

Victor Garcia (275) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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Metal Soloing is probably one of things guitar players like the most to play, mainly becuase it gives us the chance to shred like any other style.

In these lessons (that I'll try to update regularly) I'll put the main resources that a Metal guitarrist should know and some tips to devolepe the agressive metal style.

WARNING!!, For these lessons you should know the usage of scales, what a degree is, and the basics on guitar theory. If you want these concepts you can ask me.THESE DAYS IM BEEN VERY BUSY, Im sorry if i havent cheked whole note for a while. If you need some advice u can still mail me(locrian@ignmail.com) (just try to be specific with your questions.it'll maybe take a while buy i will try to answer)


The most used scale in rock is good for metal too it has five forms, and used in a clever way it can generate a lot of good phrases and fast runs.

pentatonic root
penta 7th form
penta 3rd form
penta 4th form
penta 5th form

These are the five forms of the Pentatonic Scale in the key of Am. The Caption indicates the degree it represents in a minor scale. Memorize the patterns so you can play in all the fretboard.

The sequence below shows how the same patterns sound against an A power chord. Remember all those patterns are the same scale but started in a different degree to play in another key you have to transpose all patterns.
Essential Metal Soloing