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Be Quick Or Be Dead

Hartwig Stein (114) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Riff 2

This is the first riff after the intro, which we will look into later. I only use downstrokes on these chords since I haven't figured out the alternating stroking on more than one string yet, I don't even know if it's common to use up- and downstrokes on those chords. I figuered, I can be quite quick using only downstrokes.

On the left hand I use the first and the third finger. I used this riff on my very first weeks of play to get into stroking the right strings and moving my left hand quickly enough to grab the right frets. Before I tried this riff I only played the very easy ones like Smoke on the Water or Cocaine, so I'm sure you can do it :-)

Wonder, what those exes mean? That's a palm mute. Put your right hand palm onto the strings while you stroke. Do this very close to your guitars bridge and make sure you lift it again for the unmuted notes!

Make sure you start out slowly. Once you can play the riff at that very slow speed 3 times in a row, you can start to move a little faster. Again stay at that speed until you can play the riff 3 times in a row without any mistake. And so on and so on :-).

Once you have this down at a reasonable speed (don't practice this until you can do it at the original speed but move on earlier), lets move to the next riff!
Be Quick Or Be Dead - Page 2
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