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Be Quick Or Be Dead

Hartwig Stein (114) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Hi there! This is my 1st lesson on Wholenote. Here you will learn a lot of basic stuff about playing a fast Metal song. In this lesson I will use Iron Maiden's Be Quick or be Dead from the album Fear of the dark, since it is quite a fast song.

I still consider this as a beginners lesson since that is what I am, a true beginner(I'm trying to play guitar for only 4 month now).

Important: I'm neither a guitar teacher nor an experienced guitar player! If I tell you something I do it since it makes sense to me and helped me to learn! If you have a teacher who tells you different, he/she is probably right! If you know better, please contact me!

I will go through a couple of riffs of that song but not in their original order, but starting with the easy ones. Once you have mastered the first at a reasonable speed, you can move on to the next and so on. By the end of this lesson you will know all the riffs of the song skipping the solo. Then you can go to the original sequence of the song and play it as it is, building your speed further.

Be warned! I'm practicing this song for a couple of weeks now but I'm far from the neccesary speed. I'm certain that it will take a while to build the neccesary speed to do it right!

Also, don't practice only a single lesson. Try to switch between fingering exercises, chords, picking exercises and so on.

Lets go to the first riff!