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E5 Tuning - Power Chord Explosion

Hector Merced (1816) · [archive]
Style: Experimental · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

Ok, now the deal is first you must tune you guitar to EBEBBE, now technically if you bar all the strings it's still a 5chord, but knowing this is mainly for those heavily distorted power riffs you don't want all the strings anyways. But now being able to use many combinations of strings for your 5 chords, you get many flavors and octaves to use to just give that extra oomph.

Here's I'll be pasting chords for this tuning as I find convienent ones as I continue to study this tuning. Hopefully with this information I can help make this tuning a staple in rock music like DropD or Tuning down a 1/2 step.

MoveAble Power Chords:

Octave Position
Octave Position

Normal Chords (best transposed by Capo):

Well, basically that's the gist of how you can use this tuning, but for those people who like to have the low sound, you can tune every string down a half step for that lower sound, but that's a question of preference. Now if you come up with any new info and techniques on this tuning,s end it to me and I'll append it to the lesson a page for user submissions.