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HaRmOnY WoRkShOp: Chuck Christian

Robert Strait (6660) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
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Below is a harmonization of the supplied melody from Doug McMullen's "Harmonization Project fretbuzz thread". It's a little strange as it flirts a bit with the key of G, which is doesn't always strongly suggest (but for some reason I like it anyway). There is a little bridge that goes to Emin as well, and a turnaround that should go to a Gmaj (okay, it doesn't really "turn around", but it would if you ended the tune there on Gmaj7), but instead goes back to measure one's Cmaj7. The harmonization is a bit unconventional in spots, but I learned alot (as I always to) from the effort! I tried to approximate the chord symbols as best as the groove builder would allow, but you will find a couple more chords in there than the builder suggests (i.e. the B-7 on beat 4 of measure 15).

In order to play the sequence, you may have to set your loop to once or more...that dang 32-bar javascript error thingamijiggy....you know how it is.

***This is not an actual lesson, but instead a fretbuzz response in "lesson" form. You could, however, learn quite a bit by checking out the above fretbuzz link and getting in on the action...Pump up those musical muscles!
HaRmOnY WoRkShOp: Chuck Christian