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Classical Finger Picking Exercise #1

Jason Vickers (1415) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 70
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This is my first lesson. Please provide feedback so I may improve the lesson. Also let me know if you think this should be in a different category.

This lesson contains exercises by Giuliani to develop right hand technique and finger picking. In these exercise, p=thumb, i=index finger, m=middle finger, a=ring finger.

Use these fingerings to follow the patterns for each exercise.

In exercise 1, three strings are plucked at the same time. The pattern for this is p,m,i. Practice the first two measures repeatedly. Strum the final chord.

Use the following pattern: p,i,m

P is used for strings A,D,G

I is used with B string

M is used with e string
Classical Finger Picking Exercise #1