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Guitar Folders And Frames (#1)

Marco Mejia (709) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Lets suppose your schedule just let you play for 4 half hours a day. If you look the time you have as complete hours, you maybe decide to play the first hour reading from the staff, and the next hour something with scales. And thats it!!! And imagine you want to practice your bends and your trills. So, you decide next day to practice bends and trills. It would be much better if you play a half hour your staff, a half hour scales, a half hour bends and a half hour trills every day. Now you see the advantage?

Another profit of this system is that its easier to find free half hours in our schedule than complete hours, dont you think? And finally, this system is not as hard as playing complete hours. Why? Easy, because you are changing constantly your work, so this let you move faster in your studies and also keep you focus and interested in what you are doing. For me, its boring to repeat for a complete hour the same exercise, but its easier to play it for a half hour and practice something else the other half. Think about it. if its useful for you, try it!