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Building Your Own Electric Guitar Part 1

Ryan Sequeira (7665) · [archive]
Style: Other · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Having a guitar that is suited to your every musical need is something many guitarists dream of. There are two ways of acquiring this 'dream guitar'. Firstly, there is the option of going to a professional luthier(a guitar maker) and secondly, you can construct it yourself. While the end result of your first try of amateur luthiery might not be as fabulous as some of the masterpieces created by custom shops and master luthiers around the world, you have to remember one thing...it is made by you, and in no way, shape, or form, are you a master luthier...yet.

In the next few pages, I will take you through the basic guidelines to building your first electric guitar, including design, electronics, pickup selection, and finishing.

I hope you might learn as much from this as I did while I spent an entire summer constructing my almost-dream guitar!