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Mixing And Mastering 101 - EQ

Rob Carraher (1756) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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Hello and welcome to the second lesson in this series - EQ. I'm going to explain the EQ basics to you.

Equalizers And Mixing

What are equalizers you ask? An equalizer is a device that changes the db, or Decibals of a certain EQ range, or otherwise known as frequency, resulting in a different overall sound. (I'm sure I could've explained that alot better, but I did my best...)

Alot of people use EQ's the WRONG way, and end up boosting or cutting frequencies that shouldn't be touched. How do we avoid this? Well, an easy way is to pick a frequency in the mid-low range, about 500-700 Hz, and boost that frequency as high as you can boost it. Now, move it ALL around (All the way from the lowest frequency, to the highest!) and find the 'sweet spots', spots where you can hear where the sound is really dreadful, or very nice. Once you've found that, you can make the appropriate changes to it. Don't overdo it! A 3.0 to 5.0 db boost or cut should be plenty!

Sadly, I cannot put in text how to EQ a track in general. But I can do this - If you are wondering how you should EQ a track, e-mail me at Therock4615@cs.com and I can help you out.