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Alernate Tunings Pt.1

Logan Stone (57) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 100
Pages: 1

I've found that movable shapes & chords whether they be intricate or common work great w/tunings like DADGAD, ecpecially w/open string "drones". cho |0|0|0|7|8|7| D minor, cho |0|0|0|2|3|2| D minor 7. Although these do not use drones they set an example of how a common chord is movable. I've found one to be a personal favorite w/a double drone to help me find some new sounds. cho |x|0|2|x|0|2| A5 This has 2 open A notes which are the drones I spoke of earlier(2nd & 5th string). This shape is also movable as a chord or as I use it in a new song,melodically. Take care, I'll post more later!! Logan Stone