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7th Chord Sequences

Mark Levine (72) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 170
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sher_jazztheory.gif The following lesson is an excerpt from Mark Levine's book, The Jazz Theory Book, available on-line at Sher Music. You can also visit Mark's website.

Please purchase the book for more great lessons like this.

Play the example below and listen to Herbie Hancock's solo on "All of You" from Miles Davis' The Complete Concert. Herbie arranges 7th chords in triplets, overlapping a four-note melodic structure (the 7th chord) over a three-note rhythmic structure (triplets). The 7th chords he plays over Fm7-Bb7 are all from the key of Eb major. Herbie reharmonizes and goes outside the changes on the last two bars, arpeggiating 7th chords and triads from the key of D.

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