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Samba Rhythm Patterns and Variations

Nelson Faria (52) · [archive]
Style: World · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 100
Pages: 1 2 3

sher_brazilian.gif The following lesson is an excerpt from Nelson Faria's book, The Brazilian Guitar Book, available on-line at Sher Music. You can also visit Nelson's website.

Please purchase the book for more great lessons like this.

Samba Variation #2
Here we have a pattern in the style of Joao Bosco. Joao Bosco is a very important name in the Brazilian music scene. He became famous by his special "ginga" (jin-gah) on right hand patterns. Notice again the use of hi and low voices in the chord changes.

In this example, you can practice the pattern with and without the first beat syncopation. The progression is:

Amaj9 - Am6(9) - Amaj9 - Am6(9)

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