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Samba Rhythm Patterns and Variations

Nelson Faria (52) · [archive]
Style: World · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 100
Pages: 1 2 3

sher_brazilian.gif The following lesson is an excerpt from Nelson Faria's book, The Brazilian Guitar Book, available on-line at Sher Music. You can also visit Nelson's website.

Please purchase the book for more great lessons like this.

Samba Variation #1
Variation #1 is an example of an extended pattern (2 measures long). In this variation, to simulate the agogo (a percussion instrument made of two cowbells - hi and low pitches -held together) you can play the chord changes, switching from low voices to high voices, as suggested.

Notice that variation #1 is the basic pattern in the first measure and its mirror image in the second measure.

In this I-VI-II-V turnaround with a pedal note, I used the pattern with and without the first beat syncopation. The progression is:

D6(9)/A - Adim - A7(9,11) - A9

1999 by Sher Music Co.. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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