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Ginger Lee

Robert Strait (6660) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 50
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I was recently introduced to this tune at a jam session, and I immediately fell in love with it's stunningly beautiful melody and challenging chord changes. Over the past couple of nights I found myself entranced by this ballad, and this chord-melody arrangement is the bastard child of that love affair (lol)....I hope you like it.

I have changed the name of the song in an effort to respect the original songwriter's copyright, so you will have to use the clue in this lesson's title to figure it out!

Some of you may be annoyed by the way the composer displays the below arrangement, and I do apologize. Again, it's due to my wacky use of rhythms which the composer is not designed to handle that causes this anomaly, but I think it is appropriate to hear the song played in a rubato fashion (free of any strict meter)...similiar to the way it would sound when I play it on the guitar.

This song has an AB, 32-bar form, and below is the first 25 bars (the first bar is a pickup measure. I've used Bbaug7 to harmonize the pickup melody notes). I have taken some artistic license with the melody and the changes, but hey...that's what interpretation is all about! The original changes are listed above each measure (as best as the Groove Builder will approximate), and if you look closely you will find that, aside from some added color tones and a couple of diminished and b5 substitutions, I stay pretty faithful to the original changes.

Ginger Lee