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Paganini: Caprice #5

Christopher Sung (9641) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Ridiculous · Tempo: 170
Pages: 1 2 3

Page 2 is a continuation of the music in page 1. The last note shown in page 1 (the C) is the start of measure 12 in this page, so play them together, and when you're done, repeat the whole thing over again. Any gaps in the tab correspond to the 20th fret (a high C)...

One thing I find helpful with pieces like this is to understand the underlying harmony - it makes it a lot easier to memorize. Your basic tonal center is A minor, but at the start of this page, we've modulated to the relative major of A minor: C major. In measure 4, we've got a two octave descending C major arpeggio run followed by a G major arpeggio run. Remembering what these chords are will help immensely...
Paganini: Caprice #5 - Page 2