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S.I.T.S. - An Original Tune

Charles Gacsi (42523) · [archive]
Style: Acoustic/Folk · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
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The original title of this tune is "Stars In The Sky". Copyright Registration was received in 1986.

Permission is granted to use the tune for educational purposes until revoked. All other rights are reserved, including performance for profit unless otherwise licensed, are retained by the copyright holder.

The key of A minor is an easy key. All basic chords. There are only two that the viewer might have to learn. They are Eb and Db major. Look at the very last page for the fingering for those two chords.

This little tune has two distinct parts. Melody and Harmony. Two guitarists are required to play this little piece. It is not intended for one guitarist to play by themselves.

This is a study in contrary motion. The names of the chords move in one direction, yet the harmony moves in the opposite direction.

Initially the chord names move Am, to G, to F, to Em. The voice leading moves in the opposite direction. When viewed this should be noticable.

Contrary motion avoids parallel 5ths in classical choral music. It is a way of deflecting the parallel motion with a resulting softer effect in simple harmony.

The key is Am. There is a slight Flamenco flavor in the 1st, 2nd, and last endings. Use of the minor dominant.. a modal feeling and the normal dominant 7th in Harmonic or Melodic minor modes.

The top 3 strngs are use for the melody and tht bottom 3 are for the chords. This should help to notice the separation between the two guitar parts.