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Cool And Easy Movable Chord Shape

Darryl Roberts (5330) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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As a beginning guitarist, many moons ago, one of the things that frustrated me to no end was the limitations (based mostly on my own inexperience) imposed by the fact that I was playing mostly on the first three frets. Everything else seemed really hard,and barre chords were out of the question. (I still struggle with them!)
As time passed, through boredom, mostly, I began to experiment by moving the chord shapes to different parts of the neck. Not surprisingly, I made the "amazing" discovery that this actually works in a lot of cases! Here is one I stumbled across early on. The root note is the one on the second string, so find the root note, of the chord you want, plant your index finger there, and you've got your chord name. Suggested fingering would be the INDEX finger on the G (3rd from the bottom) string, MIDDLE finger on the B (2nd from the bottom) string, and RING finger on the D (4th from the bottom) string. Think "D shape," without the first string. Here are a few to start:

"A" chord

"D" chord

"E" chord