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Dynamo Dynamic

Hector Merced (1816) · [archive]
Style: Other · Level: Expert · Tempo: 120
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So you want to add some substance to your playing. Playing dynamically is the way to go, let me quickly outline many of the popular techinques that will make your playing sound unique.

Vibrato - Basically Vibrating the string

Bending the string - this is basically take the string and pulling it down or up depending on the effect you want tool with it a little.

Pull Off - This is changing notes by taking your finger off the string without plucking the string again.

Hammer On - This the opposite of a pull off, you slam you finger on to the string changing notes, but still no plucking a second time.

slide - this is a popular one,a gain to plucking a second time, you just slide you finger over to the next note on the same string.

Mutes - You can Mute your strings in different ways, you can place you strumming hands palm gently on the base of all the string giving a quick thwump everytime you strum. You can also just gently press you palm against the strings after you strum and take you palm off again, letting it ring with a quick stop.

Alternate Picking - This is to Pick downward and upward, on the down beat the pick goes down, and on the up beat it goes up.

Foreign Objects - not the most practical dynamic flavor to add to your playing, but using strange items to play your stings can certainly make some interesting playing, a brush could make for nice acoustic strumming, or use your teeth like Jimi Hendrix, all up to you.

Well, the point is that knowing the notes isn't everything, how you play them makes up for a lot of the overall sound so play dynamically and you to can be Power Ranger... wait a second that's not right...!