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The Major Chords

Hector Merced (1816) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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Well in this lesson you will play and solo over every Major chords, so you and a friend can switch from rhythem and lead using the tool each page gives you. THis page will explain the mechanics of what you should know about the lesson, even if you only have been playing a short while, going though each of these pages with a friend should get you ear in nice condition and make you ready for compostition.

- This whole lesson will be done off the E open chord and it's barre form to play all the other major chords.

- Each page will have an arppegio which you can use to solo over the chord with a friend, whoever plays rhythem will need to know the way I will notate rythem progression. Thump your feet steadily, each thump is one beat and 4 beats will be a measure, meaning 4/4 time, but don't worry about that now.

O = One beat
T = Two Beats
TH = Three Beats
F = Four beats
R = One Beat Rest (don't play)
- = end of measure

As the you progress through the lesson the rhythem will become more complicated, which will make the sound more interesting for rhythem and lead, but it will be more difficult, do not advance to the next page till you understand and reach proficiency in the one your on.