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COMING HOME - An Original Tune

Charles Gacsi (42523) · [archive]
Style: Acoustic/Folk · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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This is a plaintive type of what might be considered a "folk" type tune. It is a good study for the emerging Guitarist. Demands use of the 4th finger. There are a few interesting chords on the final ending.

There is one pick up beat going into the tune.

In measure 12, on the second beat, I hear a clash of notes in the harmony. However in checking the notes they are all correct. It is the composer that seems to have a lag in the sound. One of the notes is being heard against a note in another chord. I played measure 12 by itself and the sound was ok. Starting from the beginning is when the clash is heard in measure 12.

Measure 17... Remarks....Normally, in music notation, there would be a fermata, a hold, that the performer would make extending the value of the note by 1/2 more in time. The fermata is not available in the composer. Therefore the measure was extended 4 extra beats.

In measure 19, 1st beat would be a fermata also.. an extra 4 beats were added here also as replacement for the fermata.

Measure 20 same treatment.

Measure 27 is where the repeat would be located. Here with tab there is no repeat mark. The music calls for the performer to return to the very beginning and play the music from the beginning to the ending. The second page of TAB would be like a tag, or a coda, extending the length of the tune.

This was one of the early little compositions I had created. It was registered with the library of congress for copyright in 1985. Permission is granted by the holder of the copyright to others to utilize this tune for educational purposes only.

Commencing with page 4 the tab is made viewer friendly as each page will be intact. It is set for printing.