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LAZY - An Original Tune

Charles Gacsi (42523) · [archive]
Style: Rock/Pop · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 80
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Permission granted to use this tune for educational purposes only. Copyright registration in 1986 by the copyright holder

The closest appropriate background available, on the Groove Builder,that sounded right, when slowed down, was the FAST ROCK #2.

This little tune has a Blues Idiom, or flavor. Jazz Progression of Imaj7 = Dbmaj7, ii7 = Ebm7, iii7 = Fm7, Ib7 = Db7. Standard Authentic Cadence of ii7 to V7.

The Ib7 = Db7 has the blues flavor and it is the V7 of the key of Gb. The next chord after Db7 is Ebm7 which is also known as Gb6. If Db7 is V7 then the resolution to Ebm7 (vi7) would be a deceptive cadence.

You will have to work with in the key the tune is in and learn to understand the scale degrees within the scope of traditional harmony.

This is a Great Jazz Key that the Horns love.The key of Db, and the corresponding chords, feel and sounds great. You can't use open strings for the most part in this key.

This tune is longer than 32 measures and therefore is divided into two separate tablatures within this lesson.

The most difficult part of this piece titled "LAZY", is being able to play a tune at slow tempo in time. The tempo should NOT exceed between 70 and 80 bpm.

When playing rhythm guitar at a slow tempo subdivide the beat and that will help you maintain the slow beat. Give a little light snap to your RIGHT hand in between each beat. That will give you the feeling of playing faster but still managing the ability to stay on the beat with out RUSHING THE BEAT. Try to do it without using electronics

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