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ROUND AND AROUND - An Original Tune

Charles Gacsi (42523) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
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The actual chord fingerings used in the first half are given, on page 2, vs those used by the Groove maker. Key is Ab. You will need knowledge and skill of chords other than those used with open strings.

I am not sure what style this musical selection is best suited for. The selection of tracks are limited in the composer. The latin track seems to mesh. Jazz chords are used in this piece.

Progression is good for Jamming. Enjoy. Use your imagination.

Permission is granted for educational purposes only by the holder of the copyright registration. C 1994

The second half of this selection will be published shortly. This viewing is for my friends at WHOLE NOTE.

This is a suggestion.If you know the key you are playing in, or the key the song is in, do a little mind set. Actually play the scale in each position where the notes are available.

Ab major scale
Ab scale
Ab scale

Next. Play the pentatonic scale for each position. You can start on any note of that pentatonic scale within that position. Don't try to give names to each set of pentatonic scale tones you start on in that position. Nothing complicated. No matter what note you start on it is still a 5 note scale and that is what the pentatonic scale is... the 4th and 7th degrees of the major scale are absent. Just do it and listen to the sounds.