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The F# Major Chord In All It's Glory

Hector Merced (1816) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

Hmmm... wow just a little major chord, how much juice can I make out of it, more than you can ever imagine, now this lesson may seem reminiscent of the Disecting scales on, but this is disecting chords, in this case the F# chord, by the end of the lesson whenever you see this chord instead of seeing a typical major chord you will see library of musical potential.

Now since this is a major chord, you already saying to yourself that you can obviously play they the F# Ionian and a F#maj Arpeggio over this chord, yes this is the typical musical route of the chord, but what's a way to find out which pieces will fit in the puzzle without spending to much time doing complex math. The first step is to find the degrees of the three notes of the chord in every key and then compare it with the degrees of a scale. Well here's visual of what I mean. Oh and if you didn't know the three notes in the F# major are F# - A# - C#.

Key: F#
Degrees: 1-3-5
Results:F# Ionian, F# Lydian, F# Mixolydian, F# Hungarian Major

Key: G
Degrees: b3-#4/b5-7
Results: G Hungarian Minor

Key: G#
Degrees: 2-4-b7
Results: G# Dorian,G# Mixolydian, G# Aeolian

Key: A
Degrees: b2-3-6
Results: None Yet

Key: A#
Degrees: 1-b3-#5/b6
Results: A# Phrygian, A# Aeolian, A# Locrian, A# Harmonic Minor, A# Hungarian Minor

Key: B
Degrees: 2-5-7
Results: B Ionian, B Lydian, B Hungarian Minor, B Harmonic Minor

Key: C
Degrees: b2-#4/b5-b7
Results: C Locrian

Key: C#
Degrees: 1-4-6
Results: C# Ionian, C# Dorian, C# Mixolydian

Key: D
Degrees: 3-#5/b6-7
Results: None Yet

Key: D#
Degrees: b3-5-b7
Results: D# Dorian, D# Phrygian, D# Aeolian

Key: E
Degrees: 2-#4/b5-6
Results: E Lydian

Key: F
Degrees: b2-4-#5/b6
Results: F Phrygian, F Locrian

Now that's a only a small list of the possibilities of what can be played over this chord, and then their's the world of arpeggios which I havn't found a clever manor of finding compatibility yet, but experiment with the possibilites this lesson shows, some will please you more then others but of course everyone has different taste than others. I present you with your certificate of F#maj education.