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ESTRELITA - (Little Star)

Charles Gacsi (42523) · [archive]
Style: Acoustic/Folk · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 60
Pages: 1 2 3 4

ESTRELITA - meaning Little Star. It is a pretty guitar solo for pick style playing and is suitable for classic - folk. It was written for the pick style playing.

It has some difficulty for the new performer.

Playing level - a step above the beginning student. Beginners can use this as a stepping stone to more difficult selections already in WHOLE NOTE's list of lessons and become acquainted with many wonderful writers.

The purpose of this lesson is to gently move the student forward so that they may gain confidence in their guitar playing.

Important notes:

In measure 7 & 15, last chord.

Make it a 3 note harmonic on the 12th fret.

In measure 8 & 16, make it a 3 note harmonic on the 5th fret. Use the same strings in both cases.

Measures 1 - 4 is the introduction.
On the 20th measure the 4th beat is absent as it is the place for the next pickup notes leading into the bridge. The next page will contain the first 20 measures.

Keep the tempo at a speed of not more than 80 bpm.