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You Gotta Love Arpeggios

Brian Elzey (4318) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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When alot of guitarists hear the word "arpeggio", it conjures up images of spandex-clad Yngvie Malmsteen wanna-be's sweep-picking at lightning speed. While this isn't nessesarily a bad thing (well, except for the spandex), there is alot more to arpeggios than that one application. __________________________ Compared to alot of players, I'm a relative new-bee when it comes to jazz. The learning process is very much on-going for me right now. While my knowledge might not be at the level of some players, how I aquired the knowledge I do have is fresh in my mind. I feel this gives me a unique perspective on explaining to others things that have really helped me along the road to playing jazz. Learning how to use arpeggios was definately one of those things.