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The Secret To Dark Music

Jay Quinton (42) · [archive]
Style: Metal · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 70
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Forget about 'key' for a second. If you really want to create a truly dark riff/song, then you should concentrate on the intervals between notes. This works for melodies as well as harmonies. For our example, we'll use the A minor scale
A minor

Starting from A, each note in the scale is given a number. With A as the root
B is a 2nd
C is a 3rd
D is a 4th
E is a 5th
F is a 6th
G is a 7th
and for the sake of techincality, the higher pitched A in the scale is an 8th... which is where the term 'oct'ave comes from. You'll also need to know these interval names if you want to build extended chords, such as an Amin7 chord. But, that isn't gonna be discussed in this lesson =)