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Lost My Key Blues

Doug McMullen (6014) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 140
Pages: 1

The progression below is non-diatonic... that means it does not use chords with notes drawn from one seven note major or minor scale. In terms of the notes used here the progression is chromatic. Nearly all twelve tones of the chromatic scale (I think only Eb is missing, unless I goofed) are used. Yet if you look at just the root notes -- these chord changes are very ordinary... by root movement it's a twelve bar blues.

So, listen to the progression... does it sound like a blues, or does it sound like some weird atonal mish-mash?

Now try soloing over it.

Use any blues soloing techniques you know.

The point behind this lesson is to encourage you to not _fixate_ on the "right scale" (it should become obvious that there is no single right scale here) nor fixtate on the chord being played at the moment (the changes come quickly enough that trying to play exactly on the chord of the moment is both difficult and unnecessary) ... in short, to not fixate on anything, but to let your own creativity and aural imagination flow. There are many many scales that "work" at different times in this progression... too many to keep track off... instead, play & experiment.... try out ideas... some will work, some won't... remember the ones that work, and remember to forgot the ones that don't.

Lost My Key Blues