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Slide In The Key Of D

James Stevens (135) · [archive]
Style: Blues · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
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Somebody responded to one of my messages and I am just posting what they sent me.Sorry I haven't credited you for the help. Getting into D Tuning is pretty easy, I have found it is best to start from the high strings a work your way down to the lower strings. Open D Tuning gives you the basic tonic chord (D major in this case), and you can mess around with other fingerings up the neck and still play a lot of open strings. It is good to get familiar with the tuning figure out how it works and what sounds good while you are playing in it. You do need to learn new chord shapes of course: So a G major chord in open D would be 020120 - or 555555! And A major would be either X02342 or 777777. A7 would be X02102. I am currently trying mix both the chords with the slide pattern. Remeber The Diagrams Below will not sound right!
G Major
Alternate G Maj
D Tuning
, remember to take the low E down to D