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Steve Cass (14763) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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This is the twenty-first and final lesson in the Playbook for the Beginner and Beyond series. If you're visiting this page ahead of viewing the lessons in this series, I encourage you to take the tour of this Playbook by clicking on the link above or by performing a search for lessons under my name.

View all of Steve's lessons by going to Steve Cass: Lesson and Music Guide.

Here's a list of some great lessons here at WN as a companion to the Playbook series or as references to continual learning.

It's a Wrap (for now)

There are some excellent, excellent guitarists and lesson writers here at WN. There are way too many great ones for me to acknowledge, so let me just introduce you to a few. The people listed below also have many good intermediate and advanced lessons.

The following lessons are companions to the Playbook for the Beginner and Beyond series:

Lessons by Christopher Sung --

A Guide to Tuning
How to Construct Basic Chords
A Guide to Strumming
Learn Your Major Scale Inside and Out

Lessons by Charles Gacsi--

How to Find Notes on the Fretboard
Basic Problems for the Beginner
Pick Hand Control

Lessons by Robert Strait--

Rhythm Guitar:Part 1:Learning to Count
Rhythm Guitar:Part 2:Strumming and Spice

Lessons by Darryl Roberts--

Tips For Beginners (And Others!)
CAGED Charts--A Beginner's Reference

Lessons by Jay McConnel--

Hey Joe and the CAGED Theory

Lessons by Kathy Jones--

Learning to Play by Ear