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Punk N Roll

Mike Desert (42) · [archive]
Style: Punk · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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This can be the intro of a solo, or whatever. Blues turned into Rockabilly turned into Punk. This kinda thing may have been done to death, but it's still classic

Matty from the Candy Snatchers does some cool punked out r&b solos, as well as the more traditional blues punk bands like the Oblivions, Immortal Lee County Killers, Necessary Evils, Bantam Rooster, etc...

If you're trying to learn punk and are reading this, my advice is to check out the lessons on blues on this site- esp the stuff on Delta blues and lightning hopkins (from Texas). a LOT of that stuff can be applies to punk and rock and roll- a lot more than the 80's metal lessons (learn those to impress other customers at guitar center)

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