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Disecting Scales

Hector Merced (1816) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

Well, you know something, if you understand the major scales, and it's modes, and got a good grip of them, I bet I know what your thinking, which scale should you dominate next.

Well, typically, you'd go hit the Melodic Minor family and it's modes, but I'm going to go through some technique I use to disect scales for ideas, I love experimenting with exotic scales, so I gonna pull out this sheet I printed of 86 scales and their degrees and choosing a random one for today's lesson.

the Javaneese Scale wins!!!(that's right... Javaneese)

Well ok, now let's first take a look at it's degrees.


Okies, now you can easily find it any key, got a new scale under your belt, yeah!

now let's find it's modes! I don't know if their's way to find names for modes for exotic scales, so I'll just call them mode 1 and mode 2 etc. Yeah, don't take this as literal theory, I'm a 16 year old kid who's tried to learn as much theory and technique with expermenting as he could in 8 months... my brain is fried with modes, intervals, and Key Signature plaguing my nightmares and my dreams now...

now basically like finding all the major scales modes, do the same thing with the scale.

Mode 1 b2b3456b71
Mode 2 b3456b71b2
Mode 3 456b71b2b3

well you get the idea, now basically use it in the same way you'd use major scale modes. And experiment, you get some weird tunes and what not, it's great fun, this isn't a given formula, it's just how apply what I learned from one thing to everything, sometimes you get something cool, sometimes you get shards of glass ripped into your ears.

What else could you do:

- Find chords and progressions based on a different scales

Well, if you do this and practice enough with one scale and do it with different styles and techniques and you'll be releasing a whole new bag of tricks.