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Making Lines #2

Jay McConnell (2030) · [archive]
Style: Basics · Level: Beginner · Tempo: 120
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Back again for more lines.

Making Lines # 1 will acquaint you with the process of extracting lines from chord progressions. In another lesson soon to be published, TOP DOWN COMPOSITION, the reverse of this process will be explored. Here we are identifying melody lines that exist through certain chords. TOP DOWN WRITING will identify harmony (chords) that are derived from the melody.

Anyways, on with more lines.
D chord = D---F#--A
A chord = A---C#--E
G chord = G---B--D

Let's start on F#(the Majthird of D) this time. For the sake of simplicity, all of our lines will move down for now. It is easier to grasp the concept and it is a natural tendency of music to move downwards overall(GRAVITY).

Our line would now be - F# to E to D to D over the chords D A G D, like so:
Making Lines #2