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Master Matrix...the Beginnining

Jay McConnell (2030) · [archive]
Style: Theory/Reference · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
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I do this alot. It is a matrix system that I have been developing to explore the possibilities of sounds within a tonal center through chord choices in any key or mode.

This first one represents a diatonic harmonization of the key of E with some natural and easy tensions that are very characteristic of music in general, regardless of genre.

Next time we'll begin to explore the different options for each bass tone (there are several) as well as choosing chord types to evoke a specific emotion or musical style.
Bass notes move down chromatically and the melody (highest) note moves along the crucial scale tones in the key of E (the big key, that is). PLAY!!!LISTEN!!!
The matrix is useful for modulating, hearing unusual chord changes, composition, harmonizing existing melodies, all musical styles, getting girls, etc.

C# minor
Bb dim.
and back to E